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Eagles collapse into the bye

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The Eagles seem incapable of putting anybody away early. Maybe that will change, maybe some day, but as the evidence mounts, it does not seem... Read more

Sandusky gets justice

BELLEFONTE, Pa. -- “I’m not going to sentence you to centuries in prison,” Judge John Cleland said, as Jerry Sandusky stood... Read more

Eagles fall to Steelers, 16-14

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PITTSBURGH -- A cold rain fell intermittently on Heinz Field. It was the second half of Eagles vs. Steelers, and the Eagles were trying to... Read more

Video: Rich Hofmann's three big answers

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Did the Eagles prove this week that they are better than expected? Daily News columnist Rich Hofmann talks about the Birds' win, the Sixers'... Read more

Eagles master the art of survival

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Well, that was simple enough. Eagles 19, Giants 17. That is what it said on the scoreboard. It is hard to explain how close it came to not... Read more

Video: Will Eagles bail on Vick, turn to Foles?

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Video: Do the Eagles players believe in Andy Reid? Can the Eagles' offensive line protect Michael Vick? CineSport's Noah Coslov turns to the... Read more

NFL on the verge of anarchy

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I don’t remember all of the details, but one of my favorite officiating stories involves Tim Higgins, the longtime college basketball... Read more

How long can Vick survive this?

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The Michael Vick breathwatch has begun. The question is simple: when will the last gulp of air be forced from his body by another hit? It... Read more

Eagles stay on the tightrope

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The Eagles spent the first half against the Baltimore Ravens killing themselves. Michael Vick threw another across-his-body interception in... Read more

Video: Rich Hofmann's Three Big Answers

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Should the Eagles be worried facing the Ravens? Do the Phillies have a shot at the playoffs? CineSport's Noah Coslov and Daily News columnist... Read more