Making fun of City Council

Another city GOP candidate is using humor to try to help his chances on election day. Michael Untermeyer, a candidate for a Republican council at-large spot in November's election, just put out this video that depicts Council as sleeping instead of fixing Philadelphia's violence-plagued schools or restructuring its burdensome tax code.

Untermeyer is running for Council, so it's a little surprising to find a reference to Mayor Michael Nutter tacked on to the end of the video. The bit with the blonde woman that closes this video appears to refer to news reports detailing a dinner between the mayor and Heather Steinmiller, an attorney and 2007 Nutter campaign adviser who was appointed by the mayor to the Pennsylvania Convention Center board.

A Nutter spokesman has complained that the focus on this dinner is unfair, inaccurate and racist.

The Untermeyer video brings to mind an ad from former GOP mayoral candidate John Featherman that joked that Philadelphia politicians were such dictators that Muammar al-Qaddafi would feel comfortable here.

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