Marge goes viral

Personalized ring tones can be annoying. The world has heard enough "Super Freak" and "Bad to the Bone." 

But one ring overheard in City Hall recently is a true original  – the unmistakable rasp of Marge Tartaglione threatening to hit a reporter for questioning whether her office, which runs city elections, was corrupt.

Dare we call it a TartagliTone?

“You say that and I can jump over this table and punch you out, this is not corrupt,” Tartaglione says on the recording. Her remarks followed revelations that her daughter, Renee Tartaglione, had stepped down from her job in her mother’s office for violating city ethics rules.

If you, too, would like a ring tone both edgy and entertaining, you can download this audio file by going to WHYY’s web site, Type “Tartaglione” into the search engine and click on the Dec. 8 entry headlined “Tartaglione the elder threatens reporter.”

- Miriam Hill


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