Heard in the Hall - weekend edition

State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams has created a new political action committee, Believe Again, viewed in political circles as a fund-raising vehicle to fuel an eventual run for mayor.

Williams, who ran for governor in 2010, has acknowledged he's considering the mayoral race, most recently in an interview with the Philadelphia Tribune, but he hasn't formally declared his candidacy.

The next Democratic primary for mayor won't be until May 2015.

Williams reportedly has been soliciting donations for Believe Again within the city's contribution limits – now $2,900 for individual donors and $11,500 for PACs, law firms, and other unincorporated businesses.

The state does not impose contribution limits on legislators or statewide candidates. But any money Williams received above the city limits could not be used in a municipal election.

Believe Again was registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State in March but has not yet filed any reports. The first look at Williams' fund-raising for a mayoral run should be toward the end of this week, when all the state's PACs are required to file reports listing receipts and expenses for 2012.

In a letter thanking his contributors, Williams wrote, "Through Believe Again, we will further explore both the pressing issues and concerns of our citizens and work to provide positive, successful solutions."

"If we Believe Again, with diligence and hard work, Philadelphia will become a real world-class city," he wrote.


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