Sophie Bryan to leave City Council for School District

Sophie Bryan is the go-to person for almost anyone with a question about City Council. Need help understanding the complexities of the city tax code? Call Sophie. Confused by the obscure lingo on a particular Council bill? Call Sophie.

If she's not a household name, it's because the Harvard Law School graduate has mostly served behind the scenes as Councilman Bill Green's chief of staff. She has been such a great resource that Green was not the only person to refer to her as "the 18th Council member."

Heard in the Hall is both saddened and encouraged at the news that Sophie Bryan will be leaving Green's office to work for the School District, first in its charter office and then directing one of its strategic initiatives.

Green annouced Bryan's decision at Council this morning. Heard in the Hall looks forward to learning more about her plans for her new job.

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