Public Voice at City Hall


City Council says it is ready to hear what residents have to say about procedures for letting the public testify before the legislative body. Council President Anna Verna issued a statement Tuesday outlining what she says are temporary procedures for allowing public comment at Council meetings. 
Under old rules, people could comment at hearings on issues. But a Nov.18 Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling said Council also must allow people to speak at its regular Thursday meetings. Verna’s statement said Philadelphia residents and taxpayers may comment, but Council will not try to verify where people live and work. She asked that interested speakers sign up to comment by calling the Chief Clerk’s office by 5 p.m. Wednesday at 215-686-3410 or 215-686-3411.  
People also may sign up in Room 400 of City Hall the day of the meeting. No one will be denied the opportunity to provide public comment because they have not signed up in advance.  
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