One less challenger for Nutter

State Sen. Anthony Williams will not run for Mayor in 2011, he announced in a press release Monday.

Williams has flirted with the idea of running against Mayor Nutter, who is generally a political ally, but few observers thought he would go through with it. And so he pulls out today. The press release is below:

State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams announces decision on his 2011 mayoral candidacy

"At the end of my 2010 bid for governor, I publicly stated that my aspirations did not include being a candidate for mayor in 2011. But since this year began, I have been approached by people who have asked that I reconsider that decision.


"I’ve heard from residents and shop owners, police officers and block captains, bankers and barbers, in Brewerytown and Rittenhouse Square, Tacony and even in my own backyard in Cobbs Creek, and more -- all deeply concerned about our city’s future. They are concerned that too many of our schools are failing our children. They are concerned about public safety. And they are also concerned about the economic vitality of the city. Not coincidentally, these same themes are the cornerstone of my legislative agenda in the state Senate and they lay at the heart of my campaign last year for the Democratic nomination for governor.


"I have listened to those who have approached me with respect and appreciation for their candid and passionate concerns and hopes for Philadelphia. I have sought the counsel of those closest to me. The process has given me much to consider, particularly given my own feelings for this city of promise. Two things have been made clear. One, my desire to lead us toward a brighter future is both real and strong. And two, I recognize that not only are deeds important, but so is one’s word. I cannot in good conscience go back on mine. Accordingly, I will not be a candidate for mayor in 2011.


"While my committed funders and supporters have expressed some disappointment, they respect the fact that I have remained true to my word while seeking a way to advance the issues facing the people of this city. Those who are as deeply concerned as I am about our city’s future should know that they will have both an advocate and an ambassador in me. As such, I will directly push an aligned agenda through policy and action on both the city and state level – supporting those who share our vision and challenging those who would block it. And I will continue to devote my energy toward the real work of ensuring opportunities for a world-class education for every child in Philadelphia; of spurring job growth and promoting a business friendly Philadelphia; and of reducing gun violence and crime on our streets.


"Many of us can take a role in securing the future we want to see here, for service and leadership emanate from more than just one building in this city. For my part, I will make it my business to see that the voice of its people echoes in any and every hall of power."

-- Jeff Shields

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