Misuse of public equipment by politicians?

Al Schmidt, a candidate for City Commissioner, on Thursday released documents that he said show repeated use of public equipment by local politicians, including Congressman Bob Brady and State Rep. Rosita Youngblood.

"It is a crime to use public resources for political campaigns," Schmidt said at a news conference Thursday morning at Philadelphia's Union League. "It is the stuff indictments are made of." 

Schmidt, who also announced his candidacy for City Commissioner at the conference, obtained the documents by making public-information requests to the City Comissioners office. He then checked the numbers of the fax machines and found they belonged to government offices.

Schmidt said City Commissioners, who oversee city elections, had failed to pay attention or may have turned a blind eye to  the use of public equipment for political purposes, which is potentially illegal.

Heard in the Hall is trying to get comments from the politicians named in the documents, which are requests to name poll-watchers on election day.


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