Now McColgan says 'No thanks' to city car and pension

To many voters, city cars represent the epitome of political entitlement. After all, how many employees get cars paid for by an employer?

Joseph McColgan has latched onto that outrage by promising not to take a city car - or a city pension.

"I’ve been very clear that in order to fix our great city, we need leaders who place her interests first.  This is why I won’t take a pension or city-financed car when I’m elected to City Council," McColgan said in a news release.

He has urged all city officials to opt out of the traditional pension, which promises a certain amount monthly based on salary and years of service, and instead participate in a 401(k)-style plan.

"When did it become acceptable for elected officials to get better benefits that the average worker," McColgan asked.

Hmmm.. that question reminds Heard in the Hall of some of the signs we've seen at Occupy Philly.

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