Kenney and Nutter - together again!

They’d lost that loving feeling. They wanted to get it back, so they had dinner Monday at that hideaway for politicos, The Palm, to work out their issues.

And now, says Councilman Jim Kenney, he and Mayor Nutter are talking again. The two, who went to St. Joseph’s Prepatory School together, had been friends and allies for decades.

But their relationship grew tense after Nutter became mayor. Kenney felt the mayor and his administration had become difficult to work with and holier-than-thou when it came to politics.

We suspect the rapprochement may have something to do with Kenney’s reported desire to become Council president, but the Councilman wasn’t saying. It couldn’t hurt to get the mayor’s backing in that effort.

Kenney depicted the makeup dinner as simply inevitable for people who have known each other since they were teenagers.

“I went to high school with the guy,” Kenney said. “What are you going to do?”

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