Occupy protesters swarm City Council

Several protesters disrupted Thursday’s City Council meeting, saying they are angry about a new curfew law and don’t think they should have to move.

At a hastily called news conference after the storming of City Council, several protesters said they did not believe they had to move.

“I don’t think the First Amendment needs a permit,” said a protester who identified himself as Adan X.

He also said he is frustrated because he thinks the Occupiers have done more to help the homeless, primarily by feeding them, than the city has. He said, though, that he would move if the group voted to do so.

Another Occupier, Peter McCarthy, said he was frustrated that so much media coverage has focused on the move. The protesters are out their fighting for serious concerns. In particular, McCarthy, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, said he was concerned about a new city curfew law. McCarthy believes curfews are ineffective and label young people as criminals, a burden they carry throughout their lives.

“They are incarcerated early and that leads them to be marginalized for the rest of their lives,” he said.

It wasn’t clear how widespread the group’s feelings are. Congressman Bob Brady is working with unions and with some protesters to figure out how to move the Occupy Philly Encampment across the street from Dilworth to Thomas Paine Plaza.

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