Mayor Nutter bets microbrews, is offered Bud in return

Budweiser for microbrews? C'mon, can't Mayor Nutter cut a better deal for his bet with the mayor of St. Louis in anticipation of the upcoming ball games between the two hometowns?

I mean, it's not even PBR.

But Nutter spokesman Mark McDonald says we miss the deeper meaning behind Nutter's decision to bet a selection of Philadelphia microbrews should the Phillies lose to the Cardinals. If the Phillies win, St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay will send some Bud Nutter's way. Anheuser-Busch InBev, maker of the King of Beers, has North American headquarters in St. Louis.

"We produce some high-quality beverages in this city, and we think the mayor of St. Louis and the city needs to know about it and follow from example," McDonald said, "and after the fighting render the Cardinals wingless and speechless, they are going to need a beer, a quality beer."

Philadelphia Daily News beer columnist Don Russell, also known as Joe Sixpack, was disappointed.

"A stinkin' case of Bud," he said via e-mail. 

Although the two mayors also have agreed to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in honor of their teams' appearance in the upcoming series, Nutter at least this time avoided the total, buzz-killing earnestness of some of his past bets.

In the 2009 Yankees/Phillies games, Nutter and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg agreed to do volunteer painting work in each other's cities.

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