Wright trial Wednesday: Jury still deliberating

4:25 p.m.

Jury sends out a note. They want to break for the day. Looks like trial will go into Thursday.

2:20 p.m.

The jury continues deliberations in the trial of City Council aide Christopher Wright. The second day of deliberations began at 9 a.m.. At about 1:40 p.m., the jury asked Judge Eduardo Robreno a question. Jurors wanted to know whether they should consider all the evidence in the case for each count.

There apparently was some confusion because counts 2-12 of the 14-count indictment deal with specific emails and/or documents. The jury wanted to know whether they can consider other pieces of evidence in addition to these specific documents.This request would suggest that the jurors are now going through each count and moving toward a verdict today.

Wright is facing 13 counts including conspiracy to commit honest services fraud, honest services wire fraud, mail fraud and receiving a bribe. Testimony in the trial began Jan. 29 and ended Feb. 11.

Wright, chief of staff to Republican City Councilman Jack Kelly, is accused of taking a $1,000 check, a free apartment, free parking space and free legal help from developer-brothers Hardeep and Ravi Chawla and their corporate attorney, Andy Teitelman.

Ravi Chawla faces 12 counts, Teitelman 9 counts and Hardeep Chawla 4 counts.