Whither Philly in these Republican times?

Mayor Nutter this afternoon applauded the 40 percent voter turnout in yesterday's election, but said the Republican dominated victories in both Washington and Harrisburg may leave Philadelphia in a weaker position.

"My responsibility is to reach out to the new players on the different teams," the mayor said. "The campaign is over. Now we have to figure out how we are going to work together."

With Gov. Rendell in office the past eight years, there was no question that Philadelphia received considerable attention in Harrisburg, frequently to the consternation of many suburban and rural lawmakers.

In contrast, Nutter does not know incoming Republican Gov. Tom Corbett very well. And there is clearly concern among many officials about how well Corbett knows Philadelphia. In addition, the state House is now in GOP hands, leaving Philadelphia state Rep. Dwight Evans, chairman of the appropriations committee, in the minority. The stat Senate remains in control of Republicans.

"Now is the time for relationship development and building for the future," Nutter said. "I do have some new people I need to meet and get to know."

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