Union to Nutter: hire revenue Tsar

The city's municipal unions have settled on a theme for the budget crisis. No tax hikes, no spending cuts, find revenue elsewhere.

It's interesting that even the city's labor unions remain reluctant to call for tax hikes, particularly given that the public feedback at budget workshops suggest that residents are perhaps more willing to accept tax hikes than the Nutter administration expected.

Instead, the unions, or at least the white collar workers of DC 47, are calling on Nutter to go after delinquent taxes and find other creative ways to raise revenue. They've scheduled a press conference for tomorrow, where they will call on Nutter to to create the position of "Revenue Tsar."

The press release follows...


PRESS CONFERENCE -- Tomorrow, February 26, 2009


Activists to call for Revenue Tsar citing city revenue failures.


Stating that our Philadelphia government has, “Failed its responsibility to us all. It is past time to put someone in charge of fixing what is broken,” the President of AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) District Council 47 will call for the creation of a Philadelphia “Revenue Tsar.”


“Today, I call for the creation of a Revenue Tsar who will ensure that those who owe money pay that money,” announced DC Council 47 President Cathy Scott.


“Today, I say, stop tinkering with the tax code and collect the money owed.


“A Revenue Tsar, whose office will cost us nothing because it will be paid for with uncollected or misspent monies, must be appointed to save our citizens from further service cuts or new tax increases,” offered President Scott.


“A Revenue Tsar who will ensure compliance with laws already on the books and use those laws to balance the books.


“A Revenue Tsar empowered to work with every branch of government, here in Philadelphia, up the road in Harrisburg and down the highway in Washington.


“The citizens would support a Revenue Tsar. No citizen wants to pay more because their neighbor pays nothing. No citizen wants their services cut because others short the system by cheating and dodging.”


The press conference is scheduled for 10 AM, Thursday, February 26, 2009 at the DC 47 offices located at 1606 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

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