Tuesday Talk with Karen

President Franklin D. Roosevelt had his fireside chats.  For Karen Brown, the Republican candidate for mayor, it will be Tuesday Talk with Karen.

Beginning Tuesday at noon, Brown plans to give weekly talks on selected subjects, roughly 30 minutes of give-and- take in front of Frank Rizzo’s statue at the Municipal Services Building, across from City Hall.  Her first topic on Tuesday:  the Philadelphia School District.  The week after that, she plans to address the Police Department’s stop-and-frisk program. 

“I’ll be talking about what everybody’s been screaming about, the policies that I want to see changed when I become mayor,” Brown said.  “And I’m interested in hearing what the people think…. This is my way of getting the everyday working person to give me their opinions….Even if they don’t agree with me,  I’m willing to listen.”

Rizzo was the Republican candidate for mayor when he died of a sudden heart attack, 20 years ago.  He served two mayoral terms as a Democrat, from 1972 through 1979.