The race behind the race

The 8th District is a hot race with seven candidates seeking to replace Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller. Mayor Nutter is poised to back candidate Cindy Bass at an event this Saturday.

Another top contender, Verna Tyner, a former chief of staff to Councilman William K. Greenlee, responded today to Nutter's coming endorsement and referenced the race behind the race --newcomers to council could decide who becomes the next council president.

Here's Tyner's full release:

“I was surprised to hear that Mayor Nutter and other political insiders would be joining Cindy Bass for a ‘major campaign announcement’ this Saturday. I immediately placed a call to the Mayor to discuss his involvement in this race and to clear up any rumors about a deal involving Ms. Bass’ promise to support Councilwoman Tasco, a DROP participant, for City Council President next year. I am still waiting for the Mayor to return my call."

“I am confident that Saturday’s announcement will do little to determine who will be the Eighth District’s next representative in City Council. I’ve been knocking on residents’ doors and discussing their concerns and hopes for their neighborhoods, schools, and City. When I meet voters all across the district, they tell me they are disgusted with elected officials benefiting from DROP, tired of politics-as-usual wheeling and dealing, and hopeful that their next City Council representative will be an active partner in the reinvigoration of their communities.”

“My campaign will continue to revolve around neighborhood empowerment and local issues. An election is won by the people, not by the endorsers. And none of the endorsers at Saturday's will vote in the Eighth District. I choose to stand with the residents of my district, and I will continue to run a respectful, dignified campaign on their behalf.”

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