The mayor's vacation

One of the best-kept secrets in City Hall these days, even after the fact,  is where Mayor Nutter took his summer vacation ­– a two-week sojourn that ended this week, just in time for the mayor to take questions on the explosion that destroyed three houses on Daly Street in South Philadelphia. At the end of a Tuesday briefing on the still-unexplained blast, Jan Ransom of the Daily News asked the mayor where he’d been.

His response: “I was spending some good quality time with my family --  I’m not going to tell you where --  and in regular communication with all the folks who also work in  city government. I’ve read virtually every one of your stories, stayed on top of what’s going on in the city. I appreciate the fact that you may have personally missed me. But I take my job very, very seriously and maintain my commitment to the citizens of the city but from time to time I actually do really enjoy some time with my family….Anything else? Thanks a lot…..”

Sounds like he needs  a vacation.

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