State Rep. John Taylor takes sides in Philly GOP fight

State Rep. John Taylor has accused some in his own party, the GOP, of trying to destroy it. In a letter to Republican Committee People, Taylor asks party members to vote for incumbent City Commissioner Joseph Duda.

After that, Taylor criticizes Duda's opponent, Al Schmidt, for trying to tear the party down.

This year, Taylor writes, Duda is "opposed by a candidate who belongs to a group that only cares about their own agenda. They have no interest in the people of Philadelphia or the Republican Party. Their campaign has consisted of vicious, mudslinging tactics filled with falsehoods and personal attacks. We all know that the true objective of these reckless, self-serving people is to destroy the Republican Party. The only way to stop them for good is to defeat them on Election Day."

Taylor did not offer any specifics.

The letter highlights the intra-party fighting that is a theme of this year's election.

Schmidt, a former candidate for City Controller, has criticized party boss Michael Meehan for cutting deals with Democrats in order to keep patronage jobs and contracts for GOP members. Meehan has said he is doing his best in a staunchly Democratic town.

Update: Schmidt, who has been endorsed by U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, said: Our campaign has focused on a positive plan to root out corruption and fraud, reduce the cost of elections, increase transparency and give every candidate a chance at a fair election.  These principles are the cornerstone of a healthy Republican Party and a better Philadelphia.

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