Students Fill Mayor's Box for Phillies playoffs

The mayor's office from time to time distributes a game-by-game list of who gets tickets for the luxury boxes that the mayor has at the Phillies and Eagles stadiums, as well as other entertainment facilities.

Well, no need to wait to learn who is going to be occupying the mayor's box at Citizens Bank Park for the first two games of the Phillies-Red series.

That's because the mayor's office sent Heard in the Hall the answer, to "pre-empt" our inquiry.

And the answer is... Mayor Nutter doesn't appear to be headed to the ballpark, to watch the game from the mayor's box, anyway. Who will be there?

From the mayor's press office: "On Wednesday, the West Philly High students who participated in the Hybrid X tournament will attend. The have the full box (18 seats).

"On Friday, the Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement students (who participated in the Brave New Voices tournament in LA) will attend. They requested 14 seats. The final four haven't been distributed yet."

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