Rev. Al Sharpton Comes to Council to See Working Gov't

The Rev. Al Sharpton at the podium in Philadelphia's City Council. (Troy Graham/Staff)

By Troy Graham / Inquirer Staff Writer

The Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights leader, former presidential candidate, MSNBC host and occasional political lightning rod, visited City Council this morning to receive a citation before heading over to the Free Library to promote his new book, The Rejected Stone.

Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, who sponsored the citation, called Sharpton “a consistent voice of justice for the voiceless,” and noted that he gives conservative talk show hosts “Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck hell.”

Sharpton said a few words about his fight for “the forgotten, the marginalized, the rejected,” and about how honored he was to receive the recognition.

“I’m also here because I wanted to see a government that’s open and working today,” he said.

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