Political scandals through history. A photo gallery.

According to an F.B.I. affidavit, in recent weeks Illinois Gov.Rod R. Blagojevich plotted to sell off the United States Senate seat just vacated by President-elect Barack Obama to the highest bidder, and told aides to tell the Tribune Company to fire critical members of the Chicago Tribune editorial board.

No chortling over Illinois’ woes, Philadelphians.

 That goes for Pennsylvanians and New Jerseyans, too.

Yeah, it's true that none of our indicted pols have ever produced the stunning tape recordings the FBI took verbatim from the mouth of Illinois Gov. Blago (His headline nickname, as the whole nation now knows).

Consider this reference to Barack Obama, whose staff apparently wouldn’t play along with Blago’s alleged plan to sell the president-elect's former Senate seat: “This motherf—-er… F—- him. For nothing? F—- him.”

If Blago is convicted, he will join a long and historic list whose members are not a testament to the better angels of our nature. Our gallery starts with the Blago himself, arrested this week.

It includes famous names scandals past, both local and national.

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