A few, very few, kind words between Nutter and Street

Mayor Michael Nutter and former Mayor John Street haven't had kind of words for each other lately.

But when Nutter credited his predecessor with helping to create The President's House project, which commemorates the site where George Washington and John Adams conducted their presidencies and where Washington kept at least nine enslaved Africans, Heard in the Hall held out hope for detente. Maybe even a buddy movie.

"This work would not have happened without the great work and the great foresight of Mayor John Street," Nutter said at a Friday luncheon of the Philadelphia Multicultural Affairs Congress.

Nutter and Street have been rivals for many reasons, among them that Nutter campaigned as Street's antithesis. In September, Street told the Inquirer that Nutter was "not a black mayor. He's just a mayor with dark skin."

Did Friday's comments thaw Street's feelings?

"I don't think so. Nothing has changed," Street said. "We came here to support a project."

Nutter said he was simply trying to "give credit where credit is due." - Miriam Hill

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