Nutter won't appeal Police arbitration award

As expected, the Nutter administration has opted not to appeal the police contract awarded by arbitrators last month, despite the fact that it will cost taxpayers $123.5 million more over the next five years than the city had budgeted.

The city fears such an appeal would put at risk new contract provisions that could lead to long term pension and health care savings of at least $190 million. The Nutter administration is also keen to protect its new ability to furlough police officers up to 30 days a year, a contract provision it hopes to see replicated in new deals with the rest of the city’s unionized workforce.

“We really looked very hard at these issues and the potential loss of these in appeal was something we did not want to undertake,” said Clay Armbrister, Mayor Nutter’s chief of staff.

Fraternal Order of Police will not be appealing, either. FOP President John McNesby said he was "elated" at Nutter's decision, and that the five-year deal "is a positive thing for both the city and the cops."

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