Nutter tries to strike a positive tone

After two weeks of nothing but bad budget news, Mayor Nutter seems to be going for a more upbeat tone today. He was optimistic in his address at the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau luncheon, and said he was confident the city's economy would turn around during his weekly Q&A session with KYW Newsradio.

"We've had our challenges, you've heard me talk about them from time time. But out of that we will take this moment to restructure, and resize, and reshape, or rightsize as some say, this city government. Become better at what we do, more efficient, and stronger, and come out of this recession, this downturn a better city for it," Nutter said at the luncheon. "We will get through this, and I have the greatest confidence in that regard."

As he did last night at the first town hall meeting on the budget crisis, Nutter sought to underscore administration initiatives that have not been cut. He cited single stream recyling, new offices of sustainability and arts and culture, and the addition of 200 (instead of the 400 he hoped for) new police officers to patrol duty.

"I could not be more excited about what's going on in the city," Nutter said. "I am optimistic about our future even in the light of what's been going on nationally and internationally. Wer'e a pretty tough city and we've seen some tought times in the past."

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