Nutter signs bill whacking BRT pay

Mayor Nutter wasted no time signing a bill approved by City Council this morning reducing the pay of the seven members of the Board of Revision of Taxes. Take a look below at the text of the letter Finance Director Rob Dubow will send to the BRT members.


Philadelphia, April 22, 2010 – Today, Mayor Michael A. Nutter signed into law Ordinance No. 100212, which reduces the salaries of BRT Board Members. The Mayor instructed Finance Director Rob Dubow to send the Board a letter, the text of which is below, notifying them of the impending change to their income.


“Please be advised that earlier today, the Mayor signed into law Ordinance No. 100212, which reduces the salaries of BRT Board members. Effective immediately, the new salary for the Chair is $50,000. The Secretary’s salary is $45,000. All other members of the Board will receive $150 as compensation for each day the member attends a Board meeting or hearing or both, but in no case more than forty-thousand ($40,000) per year. After April 30, 2010, only the Chair and the Secretary will continue to receive City-funded benefits. Please advise the other Board members to contact James Startare in the Office of Human Resources to discuss the possible continuation of benefits through COBRA. Please contact Valerie Hayes, the City’s Director of Payroll, to discuss how the five Board members who will be paid on a per diem basis will document their time for purposes of compensation. If you have any questions, please contact me.”

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