Nutter on Fumo verdict: 'A stunning conclusion'

Mayor Nutter commented on the verdict as he left his City Hall office to attend a ceremony for slain police officer John Pawlowski, who was shot to death 30 days ago.

"It's certainly kind of a stunning conclusion to what has been a pretty stunning trial. ... You know, the jury has spoken. We are a nation, state and city of laws. All of us are accountable to the law, especially those of us in public service who have, of course, a higher standard we all have to adhere to. ... It's just kind of a bit of a surprise, I guess. ... I certainly wish Sen. Fumo and his family the best in these very trying and difficult times. He in the true sense of public service certainly did many things beneficial to Philadelphia and our region and the Commonwealth. But I think that today's jury verdict is further evidence that no matter how much good you do in public life, no matter even what your good intentions may be, none of us, none of us, are above the law, and we'll all be held accountable for things that we do."

Nutter did not think Fumo's criminal actions would hurt Philadelphia's image.

"It's certainly not helpful, but I think the citizens of this city are smart enough to understand that what an individual may do is certainly not indicative of what generally goes on in the city of Philadelphia." The mayor also pointed out that Sen. Fumo was a state official, not a city official.

So what is Fumo's legacy now?

"It is not for me to write histories or legacies. ... This situation is certainly not good for those of us in public office and how the public thinks about people who are in high elected office. ... I would say, the system worked. It did what it was supposed to do. It held an official accountable."

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