Nutter in DC today, again

Mayor Nutter today took yet another trip to Washington - but this time it wasn't to talk federal stimulus funds.

Nutter was one of several mayors to meet with U.S. Transporation Secretary Ray LaHood to discuss the benefits of various federal agencies pooling their funds in considering how they could leave a bigger, and better, imprint.

The way it ususally works, individual agencies such as Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation and Energy distribute grant money for specific projects that may be unrelated to one another, he said. Under discussion today was the prospect of a more coordinated effort to combine resources from those agencies to revitalize an entire neighborhood or other geographical area. "It would open the floodgates," Nutter said.

He offered as an example the Market Street corridor from 44th to 63rd Streets. "If DOT helped with the transit network, and HUD helped with the residential part and Commerce with the businesses in that section... you can revitalize the whole corridor."

The meeting, attended also by representatives of President Obama's Urban Affairs Office, was organized by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Other mayors in attendance came from Denver, Minneapolis and Louisville.

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