Nutter backs Butkovitz for controller

Mayor Nutter has just endorsed Alan Butkovitz in his race to keep his job as city controller.

It is the first endorsement Nutter has offered in a local election since become mayor. He did not rule out weighing into the district attorney's race or those for judge. "At the moment," Nutter said, "this is the announcement I'm making."

Nutter praised Butkovitz for the "voluminous" number of audits he has done, some of which have helped the city save money. He also thanked the controller for working with him on a proposal now in Harrisburg that would save the city money by extending the time to pay pension costs.

"I certainly look forward to supporting him and voting for him on Election Day," Nutter said standing next to Butkovitz outside the mayor's office. He made his brief comments after the pair wrapped up a regularly scheduled meeting to talk about upcoming audits and other matters concerning the city's finances.

"We have had a good working relationship," Nutter said. "Sometimes we agree on issues and sometimes we don't."

Butkovitz faces Brett Mandel and John Braxton in the May 19th primary.

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