Nutter to relaunch PhillyStat

Mayor Nutter plans on Wednesday morning to restart PhillyStat, the data-driven management tool the administration shelved last summer, supposedly for a few months of reevaluation.

Under the old program, run by former Managing Director Camille Barnett, selected department heads and their aides rotated through televised meetings with city officials to present reports on their operations and to gauge results.

Nutter had hoped the program would increase government accountability.

PhillyStat was shelved in July 2010 after Barnett resigned and new Managing Director Rich Negrin found it to be falling short of its goals.

"Folks were just trying to get through the meeting, that's what they were doing," Negrin said last year.

The relaunched PhillyStat appears to be set up with much the same structure, but Nutter has outlined five strategic goals for Phillystat. They are:

o Philadelphia becomes one of the safest cities in America.

o The individual well-being of Philadelphians improves.

o Philadelphia is a place of choice.

o Philadelphia becomes the greenest and most sustainable city in America.

o Philadelphia government works efficiently and effectively, with integrity and responsiveness.

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