Nutter Douses Rumor: He's Staying in Philly

Facing the media for the first time since the presidential election, Mayor Nutter this afternoon doused the longstanding political gossip that his high-profile advocacy for President Obama would lead to a high-powered job in Washington D.C.

Nutter asserted - and not for the first time - that he's committed to finishing his second term as mayor.

"I have no expectation that I'll be offered anything. President Obama knows, directly, that I love my service here as the mayor ... Secondly, I'm not going anywhere. I've made that clear in a polite fashion to all the folks who need to know that in President Obama's administration," Nutter said.

"I love this city, I have a lot of work still to do. I think I can best serve President Obama by being a good mayor."

Pressed again to say he was committed to staying in Philadelphia, Nutter added, "Absolutely, 100 percent, I'm not going anywhere. I love this job, I love this city. I have work still to do."

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