Nutter Addresses PGW Flap

Amid all the budget news Thursday, Mayor Nutter took time to answer questions on the simmering mini-controversy of his failure to pay a Philadelphia Gas Works bill, thus having a lien placed on his family’s Wynnefield home in May.

Nutter paid the bill two weeks later and the lien was removed, but the whole affair was rife with irony — the mayor has preached about cracking down on tax delinquents while also contemplating the sale of PGW, a public utility.

“I was in touch with them, asked what was due and paid it,” he said. “I'm current and have taken care of my responsibility.”

Nutter said Thursday that he “made a mistake,” and his comments would be “the last time I talk about this.”

“I literally just missed an obligation to PGW,” he said. “I thought I had taken care of a particular bill. Apparently, I had not.”

Nutter also said he missed subsequent notices that his bill was overdue. He eventually recieved a three-day shut-off notice, as his bill reached $507.76

“It was a busy time, I missed them,” he said. “I should have been more diligent.”

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