Mr. Nutter, meet Mr. Wynn

Las Vegas gaming chief Steve Wynn will get a special tutorial on Philadelphia's civic vision for the central Delaware River waterfront from someone who cares deeply about the issue: Mayor Nutter.

Wynn called the mayor Wednesday to introduce himself.

"The mayor welcomed the opportunity to meet with Mr. Wynn and to learn more about his plans," Nutter spokesman Doug Oliver said Thursday.

In return, Nutter wants to tell Wynn about his plans.

"The mayor also reiterated his interest in outlining the city's position on waterfront development and the larger context in which this proposed development will occur," Oliver said.

The mayor has embraced the two-year effort by Penn Praxis to articulate a new direction for the waterfront. The concept, developed with input from dozens of community meetings, is a major initiative of Penn Praxis, an urban-planning affiliate of Wynn's alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania.

At a hearing March 3 before the state Gaming Control Board, Wynn brusquely dismissed a question about the civic vision, saying he had heard nothing about it and showing little interest in knowing more.


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