Labor Talks on Hold This Week

District Council 33, Philly's blue-collar union, may have inked a deal last week for a new labor contract, but don't look for the city's white-collar union to follow suit - at least not this week.

District Council 47 President Cathy Scott is on the West Coast all week, attending the 38th Annual AFSCME International Convention in San Francisco. Without her, there's no heavy lifting taking place this week with the city's negotiating team.

The convention was scheduled long ago - District Council 33 President Pete Matthews is there as well - so the lack of action this week comes as no surprise to those involved.

Meanwhile, District Council 33 representatives will meet with the American Arbitration Association today to prepare to mail ballots to its nearly 10,000 members. Those ballots - by a vote of yes or no - will determine whether the deal Matthews negotiated will be ratified by his members. No ratification deadline has yet been set, but expect it to be late next week.