Irene ignites bipartisan lovefest

Is Irene the political match-maker, the balm to partisan bickering? 

It was shocking enough today to wake up to Republican Gov. Chris Christie praising President Obama for his administration's hurricane response in New Jersey.

"I think the performance was really outstanding," Christie said at a news conference Tuesday, as reported by The Inquirer's Matt Katz.

But then this afternoon, good Philadelphia Democratic Congressman Chaka Fattah pushed us over the edge, going out of his way to credit not just his own Commander-in-Chief, but Republican Gov. Tom Corbett:

"Officials across the Commonwealth – local, state and federal - have done a terrific job in both preparing for Hurricane Irene and getting to work on the cleanup. I supported Governor Corbett’s request for federal disaster relief and joined him and Mayor Nutter viewing damage in the storm’s aftermath," Fattah wrote in a blast email. "The efforts of FEMA under Region III Administrator MaryAnn Tierney, the aid response headed by Judge Renee Cardwell Hughes, CEO of the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter, plus those tireless PECO workers and many more government workers and volunteers deserve a huge thank-you.

"...The teamwork has been exemplary and it has kept a bad situation from turning out much worse.”

Holy Hurricane, fellas! Could you spread that love to the economy?


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