If Al Taubenberger were mayor...

So what would Al Taubenberger do differently from Mayor Nutter in this time of fiscal crisis?

Well, says Nutter's Republican rival from 2007, he'd extend a hand to officials from the Street administration. "I'd reach out to the past administration for advice of where they think some savings could be made," he said as he was leaving a speech Nutter delivered at a luncheon hosted by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Pressed on what type of advice, Taubenberger said, "Sincere advice... advice that goes no further than the room."

As for the city budget itself and how services and programs and the number of public employees might shrink as Nutter faces a $1 billion deficit, Taubenberger said: "There's a lways some fat on the bone, but it's gotten to be less and less." Then he paused and added, "But sometimes, you know, the fat makes government palatable."

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