Green fatigue setting in at budget hearings

Bill Green fatigue, of a gentle, teasing, variety, was spreading rampantly at City Council today. In the morning, Councilwoman Maria Quinones Sanchez bid for more time for questions on the city's mental-health programs by saying she was on the "Bill Green clock." Green regularly exceeds time allotted to each council person for questions.

Then, in the afternoon, Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. asked City Health Commissioner Donald Schwarz about how well the city was using technology to keep health-care costs down. Schwarz pointed to Philadelphia's use of radiologists who analyze mammograms remotely to show the city was making progress. As Jones moved into the next question, he assured everyone that he didn't plan to go on forever by saying, "I'm not in the Bill Green time zone."

Perhaps this was why Green agreed to take up his questions about job vacancies in Schwarz's department later.

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