Gembala for Mayor?

With just over a week to go until candidates must file their petitions to run fo re-election, local Republicans are still looking for someone to run for Mayor. Their most recent possibility: Local lawyer and former City Council candidate Joseph Gembala.

"We’ve discussed it with him," said party leader Michael Meehan. "We hope to try to come up with someone today or no later than Monday."

Gembala was not immediately available for comment.

Republican City Committee is looking for a candidate it can endorse, but there is a Republican already seeking the mayor's office. His name is John Featherman, and he was upset to hear that Gembala was running. The two men occasionally do business together.

Meehan and his Republican City Committee have not endorsed Featherman, possibly because he is seen as part of a renegade faction trying to take over party leadership.

Featherman said he was upset with the party, not Gembala.

"It's as if you had a girlfriend, you broke up and it was very amicable and now the old girlfriend is marrying your worst enemy. You don’t hate her, you can’t hate her. You may have temporary anger and frustration at her," Featherman said. I don’t hate Joe. I like Joe."


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