Frederick Wright to remain president of DC 47

Frederick Wright will remain as the president of AFSCME District Council 47, delegates of the municipal union decided earlier this evening.

Wright unseated Cathy Scott in a close election in September. But Scott contested the results and the AFSCME governing body held a rerun of the election tonight.

The delegates for the locals of DC 47, which represents the city’s white-collar workers, chose Wright Tuesday night by an even larger margin than the first go-around vote, Wright said.

“I’ve settled four contracts in three months,” Wright said when reached by phone Tuesday after the election. “I’ve been working constantly.”

But the most important contract – the one with the city -- is still not done.

The municipal employees of District Council 47, which represents the city’s white-collar workers, have been working without a contract since 2009. The same goes for District Council 33, which represents the city's blue-collar workers.

But Wright said progress is being made. Just last month, Mayor Nutter agreed to advance $2.5 million to the depleted health-care fund of AFSCME District Council 47 and noted that talks to end a long struggle with the city's white-collar workers' union had been heating up.

“That’s my number one priority,” Wright said Tuesday. “My goal is to have a contract before the budget address.”

The budget address is in March.