Former Brady aide wants to oversee Philly elections

The 2011 race for mayor has yet to shape up as an actual contest, but the May primary campaign season is showing promise to be interesting nonetheless - for political insiders at the very least.

To date, there are five potential candidates for Sheriff.

And as of this morning, there are at least three interested parties who may seek to manage Philadelphia elections as one of three City Commissioners - in addition to the three incumbents who are expected to run re-election campaigns as well.

The latest likely contender in the City Commission race is Richard Subbio. Until July, Subbio worked as deputy staff director of the U.S. House Administration Committee, which was chaired by U.S. Rep. Bob Brady. Subbio has also served Brady in one way or another for the 25 years Brady has chaired the Philadelphia Democratic party.

Until now, Subbio was thinking about a run for City Council, either at-large or for the 4th District.

But Subbio over the weekend changed his mind, and will seek one of three spots as a Philadelphia City Commissioner. Expect a formal announcement in the next week or so.

"I've been in every capacity in politics. But the thing I enjoy most is Election Day," Subbio said. He said he hasn't spoken with Brady about this decision.

Also anticipated next week is John Kromer's official entry into the Sheriff's race. "When elected, Ill work with the city and the courts to dismantle the Sheriffs Office and reassign its responsibilities to other units of government. Then I'll close the office and resign," says Kromer, a former city housing official who teaches at the Fels Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kromer, who is planning an announcement Jan. 12, said former City Councilperson Happy Fernandez will serve as his campaign chair, and that she and her husband will host his first fund-raising event this Sunday.

Off to the races...

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