Filing deadline for independents

Activist Cheri Honkala is running for Philadelphia sheriff on a platform of stopping evictions based on foreclosures.

Today is the filing deadline for independent candidates in the general election this fall.

Usually, that means candidates from the Green Party, the Libertarians and a smattering of other affiliated and unaffiliated hopefuls.

The big name so far is Cherie Honkala for Sheriff. Honkala has been an activist to stop evictions based on foreclosures and intends to make that the centerpiece of her campaign.

The biggest name, of course, was former Mayor John Street, who changed his registration to independent earlier this year to consider running for mayor or an at-large seat on Council. He told us last week that he wouldn't seek either office, much to the dismay of political reporters - and to the detriment of the election's entertainment value.

Mayor Nutter may have dodged a showdown with his old rival Street, but he is going to get some competition.

A candidate from the Uhuru movement named Diop Olugbala (whose press release says he's also known as Wali Rahman) plans to file today. His campaign platform includes ending hunger and budget cuts to the school system.

He might get more resistance from other items on his agenda, such as stopping "gentrification and the takeover of North Philly by Temple University," and seeking the freedom of all "political prisoners," like Mumia Abu-Jamal and the MOVE 9.

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