Gadhafi in Philadelphia?

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi loves what the recruiter tells him about Philadelphia.

“Philadelphia is a great place for dictators, leaders, such as yourself to retire,” a recruiter for the city’s Dictator Relocation Program tells him. “One of our mayors bombed a neighborhod in West Philadelphia and got re-elected.”

There is no such program, of course. Except in the imagination of John Featherman, a GOP candidate for mayor who decided that as the second candidate in a minority party, he needed a way to get voters’ attention.

He decided to go viral and created a video in which a friendly blond recruiter tries to get Gadhafi to move to Philadelphia.

You can check it out at:

The video compares the Democratic party to a dictatorship.

When the recruiter notes that former Mayor John Street named himself chair of the Philadelphia Housing Authority Board and then gave legal work to his son's firm, Gadhafi responds, “Wonderful! My seven sons work for government.”

The recruiter perks up: “Perhaps your sons can work for city council here.”

Nutter’s attempt to close libraries also wins plaudits from Gadhafi, who says: “So many books to burn, but some librarians are hot, yes?”


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