Ex-judge to challenge U.S. Rep. Brady in April

It's official: U.S. Rep. Bob Brady will be challenged for his seat next April in the Democratic primary by a recently retired city judge whom he helped get elected.

A campaign spokesman for Jimmie Moore, who left the bench June 3 after 12 years as a Municipal Court judge, said the former judge three days later filed the necessary paperwork in Washington to take on the congressman in the April 24, 2012 election.

Brady is chairman of Philadelphia's Democratic Party, which backed Moore in his city judicial campaign in 1999.

"I wouldn’t’ say he is turning on him, he is offering the city another source of leadership," Moore spokesman Ben Eisenberg said. "Bob Brady does a great job as head of the Democratic Party, but we feel he is not sufficient in his secondary role as congressman."

Brady, who is white, represents the First Congressional District, which is mostly black. Moore is African American. He plans to formally announce his campaign effort in July. Here is the news release.

Eisenberg also noted: "If Jimmie were to win, he would still have to work with Bob Brady, because Bob Brady is the chairman of the party."

And taking on the chairman of the Democratic Party in Philadelphia is not a small or easy task. In 2007, physician Keith Leaphart gave it a shot - and then bowed out. He later worked under the Nutter Administration on ex-offender programs, with his salary covered by the Lenfest Foundation.

As judge, Moore, 60, worked mainly on homicide cases. Read more about him here.

And read more about his congressional plans on his up-and-running web site.

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