Council acts to whack BRT pay

As anticipated, a bill was introduced on Mayor Nutter's behalf in City Council Thursday morning that would slash the pay of Board of Revision of Taxes members from about $70,000 a year to $18,000, which appears to be the minimum permissible by state law.

The attack on the board's pay is one of several steps the administration has pursued since the BRT broke off a cooperative management agreement it struck with Mayor Nutter last fall.

No hearing has been scheduled on the bill, but Council President Anna Verna was confident that the bill could pass council. Democratic Majority Leader Marian Tasco introduced the bill at Verna's request, and she in turn offered the bill at Nutter's request. It would take at least a few weeks before the bill could become an ordinance.

It is possible that the bill would be set aside, however, if the BRT is convinced to renew the agreement, which had an initial term of only six months. U.S. Rep. Bob Brady has made inquiries into the impasse, but it is not clear that he is actively brokering negotiations between the agency and the Nutter administration.

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