Council passes bill to give $50 million to schools

Troy Graham / Inquirer Staff Writer

City Council unanimously approved a bill Thursday to transfer $50 million to the School District of Philadelphia, part of a plan to exchange the money for a portfolio of shuttered schools that could be sold off.

The bill now goes to Mayor Nutter, who has opposed the building swap. Instead, he has pushed to follow the outlines of a state plan that calls for the city to borrow $50 million against future collections of the Philadelphia’s extra 1 percent sales tax.

On Wednesday, Nutter refused to say whether he would sign or veto the bill.

“I never predict what I'm going to do with a piece of legislation before it gets to my desk,” he said.

Council could override a veto easily – only 12 of the 17 votes are needed. But Nutter is not bound by the Council ordinance to actually transfer the money to the district.

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