Contribution limits raised in the Eighth

Thanks to Howard Treatman's deep pockets, the campaign contribution limits for all candidates seeking to replace Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller in the Eighth District have been doubled.

City campaign finance law says that if a candidate contributes more than $250,000 of his or her own money, the limits for other candidates are doubled - a provision meant to level the playing field.

On Thursday, Treatman contributed $35,000 to his campaign committee, bringing the total amount of money he has funneled into the race to $279,486.

That means contribution limits for all seven candidates in the Eighth District race doubled, making them free to solicit up to $5,200 from individuals and $21,200 from political action committees.

Whether any candidates can take advantage of the raising of the limits this close to the election remains to be seen. Treatman's only rival in terms of fund-raising, has been Cindy Bass, supported by Mayor Nutter and a flotilla of other politicos.

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