Cohen Going for Council Again

Sherrie Cohen isn’t wasting any time – more than year before the May 2015 primary, she announced in an e-mail to supporters Monday that she would run again for a seat on City Council because “justice can’t wait.”

Cohen, the daughter of the late Councilman David Cohen, finished sixth in 2011 for one of the five Democratic at-large seats, just 1,600 votes behind the fifth-place finisher.

Cohen, like her father, champions progressive causes, and she would be the first open member of the gay community to serve on Council. After her 2011 showing, some political insiders predicted that the LGBT community’s growing numbers and political strength would guarantee a spot for Cohen in 2015.

In her announcement, Cohen mentioned the need to fully fund schools, lift Philadelphians out of poverty and fight slumlords. She also urged the passage of paid sick leave, a favorite cause among progressives that has been carried lately by Councilman William K. Greenlee, a former staffer for her father.

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