City managing director dogs her staff with new task

Mayor Nutter today said he's unaware of any city policy barring employees from bringing their pets to work, but that doing so could prove "a bit of a distraction."

Tell that to Managing Director Camille Barnett.

The Daily News reports that Barnet this week brought her two Yorkshire terriers to work with her at the Municipal Services Building, and also asked her staff to walk the pooches and give one of them eyedrops.

Barnett left for vacation yesterday and won't return until Nov. 9, according to her office.

Nutter, talking to reporters after a news conference about his tax policy task force, said he had not read the newspaper report nor spoken with Barnett about the dogs.

"I don't know the report is accurate," he said.

Then, noting that he has in the past met the "very little dogs" at Barnett's Center City home, the mayor said, "It is not my impression this happens on a regular basis."


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