City election officials stay silent on report of costly Philly elections

A yet-to-be released study that ranks Philadelphia as the most expensive county in the state when it comes to per-voter election costs garnered almost no attention this morning during a meeting of the City Commissioners.

As reported today in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the study found that Philadelphia spends $9.18 per voter, which is nearly double the median figure - $4.68 - spent by Pennsylvania's 15 most populous counties.

No matter, for now, to the three City Commissioners who oversee Philadelphia elections. "We will respond when we are good and ready... and you'll be surprised," Commission Chairwoman Marge Tartaglione said.

Referring to the Nov. 3 general election, Commissioner Joe Duda said, "Right now we are focused on this election."

Indeed, the commissioners spent more time at the meeting placing nickel bets on the percentage of voters who will cast ballots Nov. 3. So far, a total of 35 cents was raised "toward our struggling budget," Tartaglione said.

Here are some of the projections:

Commissioner Tartaglione - 20 to 21 percent voter turnout

Commissioner Duda - 20 percent

Commissioner Clarke - 13 percent

Bob Lee, voter registration administrator - 24 percent

Fred Voigt, deputy city commissioner - 23 percent

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