City GOP protest tax hike

Newsflash! There IS a mayor's race going on! And there is a Republican party in Philadelphia!

With City Council members poised this morning to give final approval to a property tax hike as a means of funding the city's schools, a handful of Republicans are passing out no-tax flyers at the Northeast corner of City Hall, and some other nearby spots.

Mayor Nutter, a Democrat, backs the property tax increase, though a sugary-drinks tax was his first choice.

Consequenty, his Republican rival in the November general election, is taking aim at him.

Among the flyers passed out is one promoting the candidacy of GOPer Karen Brown.

And another one, titled "A-Nutter new tax?!?" that is paid for by Adam Lang, a former GOP ward leader and member of the Loyal Opposition, anti-establishment wing of the city Republican Party. Lang's flyer says: "City Hall is voting to raise your property taxes, again, today! Let them know you are against your taxes going up for a fourth year in a row! Meet at City Hall at 12:30 to protest! Call and email Mayor Nutter and City Council!"

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